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Summer Coolers

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Lemon Lime-aid

Summer Coolers

Get wild with your drinks. It is fun to get creative with left over fruit or seasonal stuff that is in abundance at your market. It is so easy. I used to think making lemonade took 20 lemons but it really only takes 1.

Lemon Lime Summer Cooler Recipe:
Glass Pitcher (plastic can get screwy with acidic juice)
1 Lemon, 1 Lime juiced (or just use one instead of both)
1/2 Cup Sugar

Cucumber Cooler:
One cucumber peeled and seeded and cut into chunks
1/2 Sugar
Water to fill up the pitcher

Cucumber Lemonade
One cucumber peeled and seeded and cut into chunks
1 Lemon
1/2 Cup Sugar
Fresh Mint Leaves

Blueberry Cooler
1/2 to 1 Cup Blueberries (Use potato masher to mash in with the sugar)
1/2 Cup Sugar
Dash of Almond Extract

Finish Mixing
Put ingredients in pitcher and  fill up with water.  Mix well and store in the fridge.

The options are limitless
I just pick my drink flavor base, mix with 1/2 cup sugar and water. Drink freedom. Power to the people.


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August 17, 2010 at 11:12 am